Killing boredom

This was originally my response to a fellow redditor who posted a request for ideas about how to kill boredom [with his computer].  It was so well received that I thought it would be a good idea to post it here:

The hardest part of killing boredom is getting the ball rolling. Most people actually do have something(s) they would like to do, but they’re reluctant to get started on a hobby basis or they’re not self starters. Starting a project is often the worst/hardest part of the project. Once it has been started and there is some momentum, it’s relatively easy to figure out what to do next. Identify what you would like do [with your computer] by analyzing your past experiences and current fantasies. Make a list of the intersections. Prioritize that list. Start with the first item on the list and schedule/dedicate some time to get started on that item and force yourself to break through the “getting started” barrier by working on it until you’re either exhausted or have created a solid foundation and can envision some things to do next. Then continue scheduling time and work on the project until it either becomes an ongoing passion or fizzles out because you’ve scratched the itch.

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